Project Teams: Your church can gather riders to ride for a specific local mental health project. For example, your church wants to open a low-cost mental health clinic in a neighborhood that has very little mental health access. Your team can ride to raise funds for that project.

ALORA Resources
0 mi $0 riders: 6 29/09/2021

GOAL: $30,000

Project Team

This is our current and main project to be launched in 2024. ALORA Resources is a project that will bring together counselors, researchers, pastors and Christian workers to develop indigenous mental health resources that can be easily utilized in Christian communities around the world. Our goal is to develop a grass-roots movement that is carried by thousands of people donating $1/month to support the development of these resources and make them freely accessible. 3 STEPS Step 1: Organizing Country-Specific Assessment Teams ALORA Resources will bring together indigenous, collaborative teams made up of researchers, counselors, pastors/Christian workers that will work on creating a profile for each country based on qualitatively and quantitatively assessed country-specific mental health needs. Our focus will be on assessing needs of Christian communities in each country. Results will be combined with existing knowledge about each country to create a comprehensive profile. Step 2: Bringing Developers and Programmers Together Once needs a country-specific profile has been developed, ALORA Resources will hire developers and programmers to see what resources actually could be useful in each country/region based on the expressed needs of Christian communities in each country. ALORA Resources focuses exclusively on open-source platforms and copyright-free, digital resources for that can be easily utilized by churches and Christian workers in each country. Based on the assessments for each country, we will decide from the user experience what to actually build. Step 3) Evaluate, learn, improve, reissue, keep things current Needs within countries and Christian communities can change rapidly, sometimes within a very short period of time (see Ukraine). Our goal is to keep evaluating content , learn, and improve so that content is updated and improved regularly by local, native-led teams.

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