Getting Started with Fundraising

Together we can improve mental health conditions across the globe by riding for projects, causes, and countries. Fundraising is one important part to develop resources and get them in place and make an impact.

Check out our fundraising tips below. (If you have special expertise in fundraising, please contact us. We are always looking for volunteers who can help us improve).

Set a Fundraising Goal

Make sure you set a fundraising goal when you register. It’s ok to set a high goal. Your friends will be more likely to sponsor you if they know you have a high personal goal and an ongoing reason to ride.

Customize your Profile Page

Make your profile page your personal storyboard. Tell your story, upload your photo, and keep your sponsors updated throughout your journey to advocate for mental health issues.

Ask Everyone You Know to Support Your Efforts!

Don’t prejudge any potential donors. We never know who relates and understands or who is willing to learn. People do not wear their struggles publicly. Share your personal story and the goal you hope to achieve, and then let people make their own decision to sponsor you. It is true that if you never ask for support, how will people know you need support?

Send an Email

Send an email to your friends, family, and work colleagues to tell them about your personal, long-term commitment to bring awareness to mental health causes and projects. This does not have to be complicated. It’s as simple as “Hello (Name): I registered with Global Cycle Club. I will be riding my bicycle to bring awareness to mental health issues locally and around the world. They produce free mental health resources and help apply these through special projects. There is more. Please look at my profile page and consider helping me reach my goals.”

Get Social...on Facebook

Facebook is one channel that is well-known and heavily used where you can communicate your goal, update your friends, and ask for support. Here are some simple ways to use Facebook:

  • Customize your Facebook profile. Upload your very own personalized profile pic and timeline image to tell everyone about your mental health work!
  • Post regular status updates. Post weekly updates through your Facebook page to communicate your personal progress to your friends and family.
  • Send a personal message through Facebook to ask specific friends for their support - there's a good chance they would have already seen your status updates but it's nice to be personally asked!