Fundraising Ideas

Invite Friends to Ride Leisurely

Why not invite some friends to ride with you and explain your reasons for riding for mental health issues before, during, or after the ride?! There is a very social side to riding together on a nice fall day without competition. It’s a good way to talk and share.

Talk To Your Church Cell Group

Global Cycle Club aims to bring more and better mental health resources to more churches. Why not ask your cell group if you can share what you are doing? Most churches respond with great eagerness towards positive community involvement and impacting lives. Most likely, many in the cell group can relate to talking about addressing mental health issues. It’s part of the human condition.

Share a Meal

We all eat. Why not invite some friends for a meal and share about Global Cycle Club? You are not selling anything. So, we believe it’s always a good idea to be quite open about your intentions: sharing a meal and sharing Global Cycle Club.

Share with Your Neighbors

Do you see people riding bicycles in your neighborhood? Over here in Chesapeake, especially during Covid19, many more people have taken to riding bikes just to get out. Why not talk to these neighbors and get to know them?

Hold a Repair/Check-Up Bicycle Event

If you have repair skills, why not go to a neighborhood where anyone can bring their bicycle for a check-up? At such events, you do some good for the community and you can share your heart for Global Cycle Club. We aim to reach all neighborhoods in any given city.

Talk to Your Pastor/Priest

Pastors and priests or any clergy are often the first person where people go to for help. Global Cycle Club wants to help clergy develop good systems of care for themselves, their congregations, and the people that live in those parishes. Ask your pastor or priest, if you can share about your Global Cycle Club involvement during church for a few minutes. Just sharing your heart, a bit of your story and some of your profile pages is enough and won’t take too much time.