How You Can Help

Simply put, you are needed to improve the mental health of as many people as possible all around the globe, starting with our own mental health. We want to raise awareness where it is lacking and help those with lesser means have free or donation-based access to many solid resources of their choice.

We are Christians who accepted God’s gift of grace and forgiveness through Christ Jesus. You do not have to support the Christian faith to join, however. Your active participation and contribution will generate open-source resources to supply those with fewer means and less access to address the mental health issues in their homes, in their faith groups, in their communities, and even in their countries. Your active participation and contributions will give a voice and eventually some measure of acceptable treatment to many who are silently suffering today. Lukas and I believe your participation will change lives.

This project will grow over time. We invite your constructive feedback to learn how to better achieve the vision before us.